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Are you Purple Fan?

Posted on 2016-04-28 | Click
Purple lovers tend to be artistic and unconventional, are you?

Our Goal Is Annual Output Fine Silk Carpet One Million Square Foot!

Posted on 2016-04-15 | Click
In year 2015, Yilong Carpet factory’s annual output of silk carpet was 750,000sqft.

30 Years Of Experience, 9000 Weavers And 1 Million Sqft Of Quality Handmade Silk Rugs Per Year

Posted on 2016-04-07 | Click
Yilong Carpet Factory is the largest factory in the world that produces handmade silk rugs.

Tools Are Used To Woven Handmade Rugs

Posted on 2016-04-01 | Click
Handmade rug is not only to be laid on the ground as decoration; it is also an art work and collectibles.

New Silk Rug Designs From Yilong Carpet Factory

Posted on 2016-03-28 | Click
Yilong Carpet is a professional handknotted silk rug factory. There are a lot of new designs of silk rug will be created every month continually.

Learn More About Yilong Carpet Factory

Posted on 2016-03-20 | Click
Founded in 1987, Yilong Carpet is the leading handmade carpet manufacturer in the world.

The Sales Team Of Yilong Carpet Visit Yutong Group

Posted on 2016-03-11 | Click
Yilong Carpet’s sales team have a visit to Yutong Group on Mach 11, 2016.

Fighting For Our Dream

Posted on 2016-03-08 | Click
Come on girls!

Customized Aubusson Carpet Is Praised By Our Customer

Posted on 2016-02-26 | Click
"Excellent rug!"

New Arrival! 120lines Wool Silk Carpet

Posted on 2016-02-19 | Click
New modern design wool silk mixed carpet launched by Yilong Carpet Factory.

New Order Of The New Year

Posted on 2016-02-14 | Click
This is the first work day of the Chinese new year. And today is a very good beginning that we get an new order of more than 5000 sq.ft. handknotted silk rugs.

Happy Chinese Spring Festival

Posted on 2016-02-03 | Click
We are pleased to inform you that our Chinese New Year holiday start from Feb. 7th to 13th..

The Meaningful Valentine Gift

Posted on 2016-01-28 | Click
Valentine just around the corner, are you still worried about the valentine gift?

New Look Of Yilong Carpet Packing

Posted on 2016-01-20 | Click
New year, new look!

Wonderful Cruise Trip To Japan And Korea

Posted on 2016-01-12 | Click
At the beginning of 2016, the outstanding staff of Yilong Carpet Factory have a 5 days cruise visit to Japan and Korea.

The New Year Starts

Posted on 2016-01-06 | Click
Good day. This is the first shipment in 2016.

Twins Of Silk Rugs

Posted on 2015-12-29 | Click
Yes, they are twins of silk rugs. At client's request, our weavers make several pieces for each popular designs.

Merry Christmas

Posted on 2015-12-25 | Click
Today is Christmas Day, we have lunch together to celebrate this grand festival. We review the past 2015, everybody gains a lot.

The Ace Team Of Yilong Carpet Factory

Posted on 2015-12-18 | Click
No pains, no gains. After one month of fighting, the lovely sales girls of Yilong Carpet Factory stand out from the competition of China International Trading Season.

New Design Of Hand Knotted Silk Rug

Posted on 2015-12-01 | Click
The above is the new silk rug design, which is developed and made by Yilong Carpet Factory.

Welcome New Client Vist Yilong

Posted on 2015-11-30 | Click
Today, a kind gentalman from Colombia comes to visit Yilong Carpet. He chooses some new silk carpet designs for his family.

Enjoy This Winter

Posted on 2015-11-24 | Click
Today, Zhengzhou is bursting with its first snow of this year.

Yilong Becomes Alibaba VIP Recommended Suppliers

Posted on 2015-11-11 | Click
Congratulations! Henan Yilong Carpet Co., Ltd. has become Alibaba VIP recommended suppliers today. Only 8 companies get this chance in textile industry.

Fighting For Our Dream

Posted on 2015-11-06 | Click
Hi, dear, we are Top Sales Team of Yilong Factory.
We have a common dream, hope Yilong carpets cover throughout the whole world.

Good New----Pre-sale Handknotted Silk Rug Runners

Posted on 2015-10-29 | Click
The above are the new silk runner designs of Yilong factory! For each design, different sizes are available, including 2.8x8ft, 2.8x10ft, 2.8x12ft.
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