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Sunny: 4pcs Handmade Silk Carpet Sample Sent To Dubai

Posted on 2015-07-12 17:43:07 | Click

So lucky I am. As a fresh sales girl in Yilong Carpet Factory, I found a small customer from Dubai, UAE last month. I am so lucky that this customer decided to buy 4 silk carpets from us to check our quality after about one month’s communication.

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This customer kept his word and wired money to us by Western Union. These 4pcs sample arrived in Dubai after 4 days. Our customer was very satisfied with our quality. And this morning he said he will choose more soon.

I heard from my boss that there are actually a number of big handmade carpet buyers in Middle-East. My factory produces above 700,000 sq.ft top fine hand-made carpet per year. Hope the luck could always be with me and I can find several big buyers from Middle-East.

Anyone who wants to buy China silk carpets, please don’t hesitate to connect with me. Good service, good quality and good price are just for you!

Ms. Sunny
Cell: +86 135 2673 5587 (Viber & WhatsApp)

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