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Mr. Han Communicated With Oriental Rug Wholesaler in America

Posted on 2015-09-02 14:25:13 | Click

In August 2015, Yilong’s sales team made a work visit to America.

During the visit, Yilong’s director Mr. Han has communicated with many Oriental rug wholesalers in America. For some of them, it’s the first time to know and see so high quality hand-made silk carpet from China. They had thought all the silk carpet is from Iran, Turkey before. They never thought the silk carpets in Iran and Turkey market are originally from China!

If they cooperate with Chinese factory directly, they can get more competitive price and best service. Several big wholesalers decided to cooperate with yilongcarpet on the spot.

Our visit achieved considerable great success.

Yilongcarpet wants to sell 500,000sq.ft. fine silk carpet in America per year. Welcome more big wholesalers in America to cooperate with us.

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