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Popular Mecca Mosque Silk Painting Tapestry Finished

Posted on 2015-09-06 17:34:34 | Click


Material: Silk
Quality: 470kpsi
Size: 7.5ft x 7.5ft (229cm x 229cm)
Factory Price: $2999 !!!

Please appreciate the above tapestry, which is telling about the story of Islamic hadj, the holy pilgrimage place in Mecca. Look at the vivid “Kaaba” design in the center of this tapestry, Muslims from all over the world will pray toward "House of God" in Mecca.

This 100% handknotted silk tapestry displays the main culture of Muslim world. It's valued for both collection and appreciate the holy culture!

If you want to buy, please contact: Ms. Sunny
Cell: +86 13526735587 (Viber, WhatsApp, Line, Wechat)