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Do you know Aubusson Rugs?

Posted on 2015-09-21 11:28:13 | Click

Aubusson rugs were created by royal designers and weavers and were reserved for the French king in the middle of 17th century, which were invented in response to the popularity of Savonnerie carpets.

The designs of Aubusson rugs are simplifications of Savonnerie rugs, which took their influence from Turkish rugs. Traditional Aubusson rugs are pastel colored with a central floral medallion surrounded by natural or geometric motifs.


The traditional Aubusson rugs were made of wool. Today in Yilong Carpet Factory, designers and weavers always use New Zealand wool, silk or mixture of wool and silk to weave Aubusson rugs and tapestry.

Here you might be more interested in Aubusson rugs and tapestry. To see more designs:
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