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Wool Silk Mixed Handmade Carpets From Yilong Factory

Posted on 2015-09-28 10:39:04 | Click

The preference of handmade carpet is different to everyone in the world. Some people like thinner and smooth, like silk carpet, some people like thicker and textured, like wool carpet, and other people want carpet which is thicker but also looks bright even vivid, like what?

Yes, that is just wool silk mixed carpet. Weavers of Yilong factory use silk material to embellish the flower designs on the wool carpet, makes the whole piece much more visual and fancy.

There are 2 different qualities of handknotted wool silk carpet are available in Yilong Carpet Factory.

200L Wool/silk Mixed Carpet
Material: Piles/ wool+silk  Foundation/ silk
Quality: 200 lines; 277knots/sq.inch (430000knots/sq.m)
Price: $28/sq.ft (FOB Zhengzhou, China)

260L Wool/silk Mixed Carpet
Material: Piles/ wool+natural silk  Foundation/ natual silk
Quality: 260 lines; 470knots/sq.inch (730000knots/sq.m); double knots
Fctory wholsale price: $90-$98/sq.ft.
Any designs are you interested in? New designs will be finished soon, if you need, we can send to your email, just inquiry Ms. Sally.
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