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New Arrival! Purple Red Floral Fine Handmade Silk Carpet Finished

Posted on 2015-10-26 | Click
After our designers careful designed and finely woven by skilled weavers, the fresh design purple red floral handmade silk carpets launched now!

Short Introduction For customized Rug And Carpets

Posted on 2015-10-25 | Click
I, Tell us what material, quality, size and quantity you want.
II, Show your design,especially high-resolution image.

Customized Your Own Carpet And Rug With Yilong Carpet

Posted on 2015-10-22 | Click
Yilong Carpet Factory has the professional designers and skilled weavers. We can produce the handmade rug according to your own designs, colors and sizes.

Yilong Carpet Cooperate A New Big Agent In USA

Posted on 2015-10-20 | Click
Henan handmade silk carpet both in designs and technology has the innovation and promotion. Nowadays, more and more clients like Henan Persian silk carpet because of the fresh design, the harmonious color and the low price.

New Packing Is Ready

Posted on 2015-10-18 | Click
This is our new cotton bag for packing our silk rug. Do you like it?

Superfine Quality Handmade 260 Line Wool Silk Carpet Was Praised By Our Client

Posted on 2015-10-12 | Click
When our client received the carpet, she loves it very much she told us. After paving the carpet, she sent a photo of her house to us.

Find Yilong On Domotex

Posted on 2015-10-08 | Click
Every year, you will find Yilong on DOMOTEX Asia/CHINAFLOOR.

What are our workers doing? Are they crazy?

Posted on 2015-10-06 | Click
What are our workers doing? Are they crazy? Burn the rug with fire?

Superfine Aubusson Carpet Sent to USA

Posted on 2015-09-30 | Click
Today, superfine Aubusson carpets have been sent to USA.

16 Pieces Islamic Prayer Tapestries Shipped To The Middle East

Posted on 2015-09-29 | Click
After three months’ hard work, we finished a new order again. This is an unprecedented creative order, because it’s the first time we try to make such a complicated and remarkable design.

Wool Silk Mixed Handmade Carpets From Yilong Factory

Posted on 2015-09-28 | Click
The preference of handmade carpet is different to everyone in the world. Some people like thinner and smooth, like silk carpet, some people like thicker and textured, like wool carpet...

Spend The Mid-autumn Festival

Posted on 2015-09-27 | Click
Today is the Chinese traditional Mid-autumn Festival, Yilong’s director Mr. Han invites all top sales to have lunch then take a big party together.

Customized Aubusson Tapestry Ready To Be Sent To United States

Posted on 2015-09-26 | Click
Everyone knows that United States is a big market for handknotted persian silk rugs, no matter in New York, Los angeles or in San Francisco, we all have big agent.

Yilong’s Sales Office Freshen Up After Four Days’ Cleaning

Posted on 2015-09-25 | Click
As you know, Yilong has a big factory located in Nanyang city, actually we also have a sales office in Zhengzhou city. Zhengzhou and Nanyang are in the same province, Henan province.

Silk Carpets Will Be Sent To Office Of The President In Uganda

Posted on 2015-09-24 | Click
We are very proud that our handmade silk carpets will send to Office of the President in Uganda today. More and more poeple know handmade carpets and got common recognition with his exquisite craft.

1000 Lines Handmade Wall Hanging Carpets Silk Art Tapestry Antique Persian Rugs

Posted on 2015-09-23 | Click
Can you believe the density of this handmade silk carpet is 1000lines?
This is 100% hand knotted 1000 lines tapestry, made in pure silk with top excellent fine quality, can be a good choice as home decoration, luxury art treasure and collection.

Aubusson Design Handknotted Silk Carpet

Posted on 2015-09-22 | Click
Maybe you saw Aubusson carpet. But have you ever seen handknotted silk carpet in Aubusson design?
Yes, we did it. The designers of Yilong’s team incorporate traditional classical Aubusson design in to handknotted silk carpet design.

Do you know Aubusson Rugs?

Posted on 2015-09-21 | Click
Aubusson rugs were created by royal designers and weavers and were reserved for the French king in the middle of 17th century, which were invented in response to the popularity of Savonnerie carpets.

30 Year Old Brand New Handmade Wool Silk Carpet

Posted on 2015-09-20 | Click
Look at this carpet. You cannot believe that it is 30 years old! A fine handmade carpet can be used decades and even hundred years. It can be passed down from one generation to another. Handmade Carpet, You’re Worth It!

Please Pay Attention To This Hateful Cheater Hasnain Ali From United States

Posted on 2015-09-19 | Click
Name: Hasnain Ali
(To put his name on Facebook, you will find him)
Company Name: Pakobel USA, Inc.
Address: 12304 SW 133 Ct, Miami, Fl 33186, United States
Tel: (786) 417-9948
Fax: (305) 233-5335

Yilong Carpet Attended The Press Conference Of Google Demos Online Marketing Strategies

Posted on 2015-09-18 | Click
There are hundreds of millions of users to cooperate with Google. But fortunately, Yilong Carpet was invited to attended the press conference of Google demos online marketing strategies which be held at Hong Kong at September 17, 2015.

Customized Kazak Silk Carpet Ready To Be Sent To Abroad

Posted on 2015-09-17 | Click
One of Yilong’s customer place order 100,000 square feet customized Kazak carpet every year. The 50,000 square feet have been finished. And this is the second delivery about 20,000sq.ft. silk carpets will be sent to abroad today.

Hand Knotted Carved Silk Carpet

Posted on 2015-09-16 | Click
Size: 11.5’ x 11.5’ (351cm x 351cm)
Thickness: 1.5cm
Technics: hand knotted Turkish knots carved
Factory price: US$6500

Antique Washed Persian Carpet And Rugs Made By Yilong Carpet Factory

Posted on 2015-09-15 | Click
The antique rugs with antique furniture are the best match. But mix and match style more popular nowadays. An antique carpet can match any home decoration style, as long as you like.

Yilong’s 2016 Catalogue Are Open

Posted on 2015-09-14 | Click
In September 2015, Yilong’s 2016 new catalogue are open.
This catalogue contains 32 latest designs of silk carpet. And these new designs will become to the real carpets in Yilong’s 2016 production.